WordPress Backend Development Partner.

Ghostbird Media provide backend services for your WordPress setups focusing on plugin development, servers tuning and performance tweaks.

Our Approach

Imagine the Possibilities

There are many solutions out there for the WordPress backend. It becomes pointless when it doesn’t fit with your requirement ideas. We do our best to transform your requirement into practical solutions.


Reliable Solutions

Custom Plugin

With specific requirements, develop custom plugins or modifications to meet your WordPress Admin needs.

Custom DB Tables

Split-up WordPress tables to improve query performance without compatibility issues.

Object Caching

Improve your website by implementing persistent object caching on VPS or shared hosting.

Centralized WordPress

Implementing the best solutions to manage all your WordPress sites in one place.

WP Multi-tenancy

Solutions to setups your multiple websites to run with a single WordPress codebase.


We help define the technology barriers required of your needs for the best results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to enlighten what we do and the process involved. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

The WordPress backend is an administration area where you can change WordPress behaviour, install plugins, and manage your content and design settings. It also can be referred to as wp-admin.

WordPress backend development is a process of development to create and maintain the technology necessary to make your website operate properly, such as the WordPress core and plugins.

It involved database, server scripts, API and other systems that are behind the scenes.


Yes and No. It depends on your requirement. If it’s for a premium plugin, the best option is to contact the plugin developer first.

Besides that, since this is a time-consuming process, we need to review it first before accepting your request.

Our charge rates are based on a minimum of 5 days a week. It depends on your requirement and amount of weeks will take.

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